Collaboration is the hallmark of our success.


Employee Owned and Operated


Believing the greatest motivator for success is empowerment, each of our employees is also an owner.

We are proud to be 100% employee owned.

Emerging at the end of the World War II, Foldcraft was the vision of our founder, Harold Nielsen. Harold believed in an unyielding commitment to hard work and doing the right thing. Upon deciding to retire, he elected to give the company back to the employees that helped him build it. In 1985, the company officially became an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

At Foldcraft, we are certain our greatest asset is the people that work to make our clients happier and our products better. That’s why we challenge our employee owners through self-directed work teams and a robust training and development program. We hold each other accountable and push ourselves to get better in interest of making our teams and our company more successful.

We believe through empowerment, we can more effectively make decisions to positively impact our business and contribute to a more respected organization. Whether it be conducting an impromptu Kaizen event in order to improve a product or processing a "no charge" change order in interest of doing the right thing for the client, we encourage a high-involvement culture dedicated to providing an unexpected level of service.

Working for an ESOP company elevates my desire to do better. How I perform my job directly affects my fellow employees.

– Marvin S. Jacobson, Account Manager

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