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SHAC Awarded Foldcraft Foundation Grant

Posted on June 20, 2013

The Foldcraft Foundation issued a grant to So How Are The Children (SHAC) of Faribault, Minnesota in December 2012. The projected outcomes of the grant were to provide Somali middle and high school students an opportunity to increase their reading and writing proficiency in the English language.

At the June 2013 meeting of the Foldcraft Foundation, Sam Adams and Carolyn Treadway of SHAC were guests to explain what the grant enabled them to do. The grant allowed them to develop instructional curriculum for community-based English as a Second Language instruction. They were also able to purchase instructional supplies that supported development, provided remedial reading and writing instruction at the Somali Community Services Center and tracked individual learner progress. Participants were identified through the Somali Community Services Center of Faribault and through SHAC’s own involvement with Somali individuals through existing SHAC programs.

SHAC continues to recruit and train community and college volunteers for program delivery. This grant also brought to light other needs and resulted in many organizations beginning to work together to promote education among Faribault’s Somali adults and youth.

Pictured are from left to right: Sam Adams and Carolyn Treadway representing SHAC. Dennis Blackmer is the current Foldcraft Foundation President.

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